Our brands

We are the exclusive representative of many filtration brands in Armenia.

Atlas Filtri - Aqua Standard Yerevan partner

As a proud partner, we represent the products Atlas Filtri in Armenia. Produced in Italy, the brand features both domestic and industrial filtration solutions. From small components to large filtration housing systems, Atlas Filtri is one of the leading water filtration brands globally.

ecosoft - Aqua Standard Yerevan partner

Ecosoft is a leading manufacturer of domestic and commercial water filtration systems in Ukraine. Founded in 1991, the brand is a part of the BWT Water Professionals. From basic water pitcher jugs to advanced reverse osmosis filters, the brand offers a wide range of solutions.

Hobra - Aqua Standard Yerevan partner

As partners of HOBRA, we bring their alcohol filtration systems to Armenia.
From filtersheets to membranes, they offer a wide variety of solutions in the industry.

Cintropur - Aqua Standard Yerevan partner

Cintropur has been delivering excellence in the field of water filtration and sterilization since 1972. At Aqua Standard, you can find Cintropur's filter housings, cartridges, and more.

Clack - Aqua Standard Yerevan partner

We believe that high quality components like control valves play a vital role in the effectivity of water filtration solutions. That's why we're proud to call Clack our partner.

Jacobi - Aqua Standard Yerevan partner

Jacobi Carbons is the largest coconut-shell based activated carbon manufacturer in the worlds. They offer a wide selection of filter media - from coal and coconut shell to wood carbon.