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Our core mission is to ensure that you drink the cleanest water, free of any contaminants. With our top-notch water filters in Armenia, we filter all types of water, making it perfect for drinking.

The Founding of Aqua Standard

We are the leading company of water filtration proudly representing European and American brands globally. Aqua Standard has been the first official distributor of such prestigious international names. Here’s how our story started in a nutshell.

In 2009, Shahe Kasis, the founder of Aqua Standard, ran into an issue – there were no filtration systems or water filters in Armenia he could use for his pharmaceutical business. 

His demand for this product led him to launch Aqua Standard – to fulfill his own need and anyone else who comes after him. And thus, Aqua Standard was founded as a family-owned business.

While at the time of its founding, Aqua Standard represented only 1 international filtration brand, 16 years later, that number has now reached almost 20.

We have over 500 product lines in stock. So you can rest assured that you have any spare parts or cartridges for future encounters.

Today, we work with some of the biggest brands across many industries, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, food, textile, pharmaceuticals, fish farming stations, diamonds, and even domestic solutions.

Deep Water Expertise

During our 16 years in the market, we have successfully launched a wide range of projects from domestic 500L/day solutions all the way to industrial 40,000 L/hour systems.

Water is Our Specialty.

The Values That Guide Us


With our innovative approach to water filters in Armenia, we deliver high quality technology coupled with the highest quality of service.


We provide pre-sale consulting services as well as post sale followup and maintenance services.


As a forward-looking company, we pioneers to bring new technologies, new practices, and new water filtration solutions to Armenia.

The Family Behind Aqua Standard

Shahe Kassis - Founder of Aqua Standard

Shahe Kassis

Founder of Aqua Standard

Nver Kassis

Nver Kassis

COO at Aqua Standard

Our Departments

Engineering Team

Marketing Team

Operations Team

Filtration is what we do best.

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