Working with Aqua Standard

The leading water filtration distributor in Armenia

Our Water Filtration Systems

With Aqua Standard, all the water in your home can be as safe as possible. From under-sink reverse osmosis filters to whole-home mechanical filtration options, we do it all. Here’s how it works:

Call us to get a free consultation.

You may also send us a sample of your water and we will test its hardness. If you need more detailed information, we recommend taking it to a laboratory where they can do a full analysis.

Let’s find the ideal water filter for your needs and we’ll send you the perfect offer.


We have a wide range of water filtration solutions for domestic use available on hand. As exclusive partners of Ecosoft and Atlas Filtri in Armenia, we can match your preferences and your budget.

You can choose from the multiple options we give you and install the option that fits your budget.

Our experts will deliver and install your water filter for a small fee. In case of Ecosoft under-sink reverse osmosis filters, the installation takes around 1 hour.

We’ve been in the market for 16 years and we’re not going anywhere. Don’t worry about spare parts or cartridges running out of stock. We have you covered at all times.

Once your water filter is set up, all you need to do is enjoy your clean water and change the cartridges every couple of months. You can do this yourself or with our help. 

For domestic filters, we offer a maintenance system – you’ll get a call from us regarding the need to update your cartridges whenever it is time.