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Why Choose Aqua Standard

With our expert touch and trained technicians, all your water filtration needs will be satisfied. As the leading distributor of water filters in Armenia, we take care of finding the perfect filter for you, installing, and maintaining the systems.

1. Our Values

Providing our clients with clean water is our priority, no matter the hurdles. Quality, expertise, and comfort are the 3 pillars that drive our mission and vision.

2. Quality of Filters

We are the exclusive representative of many global water filtration brands. All our solutions are imported from Europe to ensure the highest standards of quality.

3. High Quality Service

Aside from top-notch technology, we also hold ourselves up to the highest standards of service. Our staff is periodically trained in Europe to bring the latest-and-greatest service to Armenia.

4. First in the Market

We've been in the market for 16 years and we're not going anywhere. Don't worry about spare parts or cartridges running out of stock. We have you covered at all times.

5. Installation & Maintenance Knowledge Base

Our team is European qualified engineers who know water like the back of their hands. They have been trained both in Armenia and Europe to ensure high efficiency and fast work.

The Kings of Water.

Benefits of Our Water Filters

Water can contain all kinds of contaminants that are invisible to the naked eye. From viruses and bacteria to chlorine and heavy metals, tap water can contain a lot of potential harm to you.
With Aqua Standard’s tap water filter solutions, you can make sure your loved ones have access to the best possible quality of water.

Tailored Filters

As the leading supplier of water filters in Yerevan, we pride ourselves in the technology and expertise we carry. Depending on your water quality, quantity, and flow rate, we can propose the exact filter to take care your specific need.

All Hardness Solutions

Water hardness is an apparent issue in all parts of Armenia. When there is too much calcium and magnesium in water, it can start harming your appliances as well as cause dry skin.

When standardizing your water hardness, you can rest assured that your production will maintain the highest quality and your hair will stay healthier and stronger. With our technology, you can say goodbye to this problem.

No matter your water hardness, we will always provide a softening system that will give a 100% solution to your hard problems.

High Quality = Guarantee

We are backed by the world’s leading water filtration suppliers for over 15 years. Being such a reliable partner gives us access to the newest products, technologies, and installation techniques. Plus, you can be sure that if there’s a malfunction with the filter or a spare part that is non-functional, we always have your back.

About us

From 2009 –

Aqua Standard has been the leading distributor of water filters in Armenia for over 16 years. We exclusively represent dozens of European brands that specialize in the professional treatment of water.

From filtering all the water in your home to industrial solutions for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, along with offering laboratory glassware, we handle water filtration from A to Z.

Among our exclusive partners are Atlas Filtri, Ecosoft, Pollet Water Group, Hobra, Zoutman, Pyrex, and many more.

We sell and install only products of European and American origin, and give at least a six-month warranty for each station. To improve your experience with us, we also handle timely maintenance and servicing with the highest standard of expertise.

Our Mission

16 years ago, Aqua Standard was founded with the philosophy of bringing filtered water to every household and business, to keep the quality of service high, and to bring smiles to our partners’ faces.
With an endless vision of success, we aim to become a global leader in water filtration solutions, ensure high quality products, and foster kindness towards our planet & partners.

Everything Starts With Water.

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